My name is Sam and I am born into a family of 9 children altogether. My father and mother worked very hard to support us and give each one of us the love and attention that we deserve. My parents are very loving people and taught us humility and great acts of kindness towards others. They taught us how to embrace life and carry ourselves respectfully with great confidence while staying humble at the same time.

    We are a large family and still, we manage to help each other through all our struggles and successes. My father taught us perseverance, and inspire us to always do our very best and put forth great effort in succeeding. He motivates us to give everything we have to strive towards our goals and power ourselves to reach our full potential. My mother taught us the virtues of sweetness, patience and to value the little things in life that mean the most. She gave us consistency and the stability of a nurturing and loving home. These are the family values that we take seriously and with us everyday and everywhere we go. We continue our unity as a family and our loyalty stands forever with our unbreaking bond. These are the virtues that are instilled in us and will lead our lives and our inspiration into the future as a family business at "Artizayane".

    🌄 Our "Artizayane" store offers a wide variety of Berber inspired handmade Beni Mrirt, Beni Ourain, Beni Mguild, Boujaad, Azilal, Zemmour and our designed rugs and kilims; classic, new and vintage, truly unique and one-of-a-kind. We also offer an assortment of traditional Wedding Blankets, decorative pillows, handmade Genuine Leather Ottomans / Poufs, Women and men Leather Bags, Slippers, Shopping Bag, Lamps and more.

    🎆 Our "Artizayane"l shop can make and create all of our Moroccan inspired merchandise by request of a custom-order; i.e. our Berber rugs, Ottomans/Poufs, Slippers, Handbags, Shopping Bags, and Lamps are all handmade to order.

    So please do not hesitate to let us know if you need a specific style, design or size. We accept custom orders by request to suit your needs. We'll be very happy to assist you in finding the right Items that will best complement your home and decor.

    To know more about us please pay us a visit at: